Business Analysis

I'm glad you're here -- let's get started! Business analysis is the first step toward identifying and defining what processes and events are taking place in your organization and you'll receive an assessment of my findings.  Emphasis is placed on gathering quality and accurate requirements so you receive tangible, high-value solutions for your investment.

Process-info gathering activities generally include [but not limited to]:

  • Interviewing with process owners at every level to get the full picture of how your team(s) work and interact. Direct contact in this way most always increases engagement and helps with process ownership at the solution implementation stage. Process owners also appreciate being heard and have excellent ideas and suggestions that can be incorporated. They know where the pain points are and help to quickly pinpoint bottlenecks or other issues in the process.
  • Onsite observation or remote web-conference [with screen-sharing] of how systems are being used in context with the workflow.


My toolkit contains specific analysis questions that are designed and tested from years of experience to extract key process components that drive process improvement opportunities! I use a custom “Sequence Table” or template to capture data such as role assignments, priorities, dependencies, exceptions, and/or redundancies that are unique to your workflow. We may stay at a high-level of data collection or get granular depending on the objective.

Additionally, other critical areas I focus on are:

  1. Methods of internal/external communication (e-mails, system notifications, project/task management apps, meetings, touch points i.e. file/document hand-offs)
  2. Electronic or paper-based forms
  3. Records/Content storage [Document Management]
  4. Systems of record
  5. Inquiries into any other specific technology or systems in place
  6. Regulatory compliance frameworks, if applicable
  7. Existing process documentation where available
  8. Customer feedback and where that correlates in the workflow

Process Mapping

A flowchart (aka process map) is a visual tool to display workflow. Elements of a process map can include decision points, activities, & charting symbols so the reader understands who does what & when. The information collected during business analysis will be translated into a process map for:

  • Visual transparency, identify opportunities for improvement, & to support my assessments.
  • Management and cross-functional teams will be able to see how they work together and increase awareness and understanding.
  • Links to other interrelated diagrams or external resources (websites, videos, training materials, etc..) may be embedded into process steps to make your chart an excellent, multi-purpose tool.

The end-goal is for ownership of these diagrams to be transferred to your designated process owners once the solution has been proposed/implemented.

Note: Gone are the days of boring, static diagrams! I exclusively use Lucidchart which is the best web-based diagramming application in the marketplace. This feature-rich tool enables diagram readers to easily create and maintain the process map -- all while collaborating & communicating inside the diagram simultaneously. Lucidchart makes it extremely easy to share diagrams, set access permissions (ex: view-only or edit), share in Slack, or export to PDF, PNG or PNG. You can even embed diagrams on your websites! Back-ups of your content is available to Google Drive & it has other integrations available.

Process Improvement Solution Recommendations & Deliverables:

Fix My Process, LLC uses agile process improvement and project management methodologies to ensure you are provided with best-practice, sustainable solutions in your industry. I believe that a process should be easy to follow and technology should be easy to use.

There are multiple ways of engaging my services so your specific deliverables may vary depending on what solution package was selected or if we are “going the distance” with project management.

In all cases you will receive:

  • A formal report of my findings that include: targeted areas for improvement, organized for priority (think “quick-wins”) & also long-term strategic goals/objectives
  • An “as-is” process map of your current, existing workflow with ownership to the source file in Lucidchart.

Tailored Solutions May Include:

  • Proposed solution report and diagrams that reflects the changes included (ownership to source file in Lucidchart
  • A high-level project plan that outlines all activities required for Client to implement recommended solution(s)
  • A project proposal for Fix My Process, LLC to implement solutions
  • Change Management services: staff training / collaboration for on-boarding
  • Technology implementations

Set Goals and Measure

Process improvement outcomes should be measured. Therefore, it is important to set benchmarks, or KPI’s [Key Performance Indicators], so you can have insight into:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be [goal]
  • If you are exceeding goals or falling behind.

Where applicable, I will help you determine and set realistic KPI’s and make sure your existing goals are capturing helpful information and driving the right business decisions going forward.

Start with A Solution Package!

I am pleased to offer large-scale, on-going consulting engagements; however, I have created these solution packages so we can target specific areas unique to your business in shorter periods of time. This way you can get the “Fix My Process experience” prior to making a longer-term investment. I am confident you will be excited at the results and want to continue the process improvement journey!

Let's Talk Technology!

Sometimes process improvements are achieved with productivity-boosting technology. My recommendations may include the integration of new solution or a reallocation/reconfiguration of existing assets to help your workflow become more efficient.

My years of experience as an IT Project Manager/Business Analyst is what sets me apart from other consultants. I know where to find solutions that align with your requirements and budget and how to talk to solution providers to get the right information. You will not be getting biased recommendations because I’m not sponsored by or a licensed re-seller of any products. In addition to marketplace searches, I do maintain a knowledge base of best-in-class software solutions in my toolkit for various categories. Implementation services (configurations, staff on-boarding, training) are available through custom engagement agreements.

Technology Recommendation Examples (not limited to):

  • Google Apps(TM) for Work & other cloud storage solutions
  • Web-based Task Management & Productivity Apps
  • Electronic fax & Electronic signature
  • Electronic forms
  • Document Imaging & Electronic Repositories (Content Management) to promote a paperless office
  • Business Workflow Automation Tools
  • Team Communication & Collaboration Tools

Note: On-going technical support & any applicable payment subscriptions for recommended products are directly between you and technology provider.

Project Management Services

Allow me to organize and coordinate all project-related activities so you can focus on running your business and taking care of customers. Fix My Process incorporates agile project management methods for fastest results. I work to provide the process improvement services you contract for in the shortest time possible, without sacrificing quality. I work with organizations of all sizes and my priority to to make sure everyone feels comfortable and unintimidated with project undertakings or working with a consultant from the beginning.

Project Oversight includes:

  • Coordination of all project-related activities, including change management
  • Communication with project sponsor(s) & stakeholders
  • Adherence to timeline & sign-offs on deliverables (incl. project closure sign-off)

Project Proposals contain:

  • Business case / scope & objectives (goal) of project deliverables & risk (if any)
  • Required resources & budget breakdown
  • Project timeline Detailed implementation stages / Team member roles (All on Gantt Chart)

Special Note:

Project Management services are proposed as a stand-alone service but can be combined with other solution packages.

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